#MakeYourEscape: commute in style with Huez*

Life on the bike is a tale of two contrasting styles. 1) the lycra-clad, KOM setting, head-down rider and 2) the sweat-absorbing, suit-wearing cyclist.

Thankfully, there’s a middle ground for commuters who want to look good as good on two wheels as they do in the boardroom. This rise in multi-purpose clothing, featuring the latest tech and materials, simply didn’t exist 10 years ago. But increasing demand has seen a whole wave of aesthetically-pleasing, performance-focused products hitting the market. We’ve got the practical side of Olympic fever to thank for that.

British brand Huez*, which takes it’s name from Tour de France favourite L’Alpe d’Huez, is already known by bike aficionados for making high-quality bib shorts and jerseys. Now, with their new Summer 2017 range, they’re taking on the commuter market.

During some unseasonably hot weather, I went out on a few rides in a pair of Khaki Utility Shorts and a Tempest Bomber. What’s noticeable straight away is how light they both are, making it a lot easier to dart in and out of traffic. Doesn’t sound like much, but in everyday clothes this can feel like peddling through sand.

The stylish bomber, which you’d expect to feel heavy, was light and breathable. Small holes beneath the armpit help keep sweat at bay, with an open triple vent letting warm air out and cool air in – a welcome feature on clammy climbs.

Rain and low light are no problems, either. The reflective Darklight tape provides maximum reflectivity while a breathable, waterproof lining keeps you bone dry – essentials for a late-night dart back from the pub.


Off the bike, it looks equally at home. A pair of zipped pockets keep your belongings safe and make a welcome change from being weighed down by a bulging jersey.

The durable utility short features some practical tech of its own, including reflective stripes. But, as I often ask myself, what if I fancy a swim after a hot ride? Well, this is where the quality of the quick-drying, water-resistant coating comes into its own. You can dive straight in! Mesh-lined pockets complete the transformation from bike to pool.

Bike security is covered, too. The reinforced belt loop means it’s simpler than ever to carry a sturdy D-lock around town. Ideal if you’re out and about, travelling from meeting to meeting.

When the temperature does drop, you can layer up with a Scandi-inspired softshell jacket and crewneck, keeping your legs warm with a slim-cut pair of utility jeans.

If you’d like to see the range, find it all here.

Or if you’re in the market for a new jersey, take a look at their sport gear.

Whether it’s a scorching urban ride or a rainy trek home, Huez* has it sorted. Go #MakeYourEscape